Indonesia Tour Destinations

Here we inform travelers about Indonesia tour destinations. The most interesting places or the islands to visit in Indonesia. Perhaps you have plan travel to our country. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. More than 17,000 islands are covering from west to east and north to the south.

That’s why we don’t take all over the country to arrange Indonesia tour packages. But we take a part what we can organize in Indonesia. We do to organize only Indonesia highlight destinations. Because of so many islands, to visit Indonesia needed your time. Once time visit Indonesia, perhaps you see little part or some part of the country. It’s depending how long you will stay.

Some highlight destinations are Komodo Dragons, Orang Utan, Borobudur temple, Bali unique island, Toraja traditional village, Kelimutu three colored lake and so much more. To do this, you need time to cross from one to another islands. To visit those destinations above, you have to visit the island of Java, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, Komodo and Flores. On these islands you see the above tourist destinations.

Indonesia is largest country with so many islands. We have more than seven hundred local languages, five hundred more ethnic group, a lot of culture attractions or traditions, various hand weaving, wild life and so much more to see. It’s one world’s unique tropical country of the world.

How to do make Indonesia tours

To make Indonesia holidays, first you have to make plan. How many islands or places to see. After that determine how long your holidays. Then decide which places or islands are going to visit Indonesia. If you can’t do this, let’s contact us. So, we can arrange which places or islands are going to visit. And then, how to fix with domestic flights from one to another places or islands.

The important thing to know is flight connection from one to another islands or places. So, you can make a vacation to several islands or places. Different islands or places you find different situation and conditions. That is why, you will find what different between the islands. To get further information about to do Indonesia tour destinations, let’s we know now.

Domestic flights in Indonesia

Flight is very important tour component for your holidays in Indonesia. To connect from one to another destinations, first you need the flight. We don’t force to use only flight to cross but it’s not waste time on your holidays. You can also with national passenger boat or Ferry’s boat but needed long time cross.

This time, we have more than eight hundred airports even to the isolation islands. No more difficulty to connect the flight on this time in Indonesia. You can do to reserve from your place are staying.