Komodo Trip And So Much More

Komodo trip
Komodo trip
Komodo trip

Komodo trip is not only to see the Komodo Dragon in Indonesia but also so much more to see. To begin with nature, wonderful landscape, wonderful of corals or fishes, white sandy beaches, wild life, vegetation and more. That is to say a lot of thing to see for once holidays to Komodo Indonesia.

The Komodo trip is bringing you to visit the islands of Komodo national park. Located in east of Bali island or in the west part of Flores island. Covering more than hundred islands where all the islands are virgin nature. Here is the only place on the world where you can see Komodo Dragons on their natural habitat. Komodo National Park is a world heritage site and new seven wonder of the world.

It’s because Komodo National Park has wonder of nature both on the sea and the islands beyond Komodo Dragons. Most of the islands are unique with virgin nature. Komodo National Park is one the world class diving spot for this time. A lot kind of corals and fishes can find during diving or snorkeling.

How to get there

To get the islands of Komodo national park is so easy this time. You only make Komodo trip start from the town of Labuan Bajo, in the western part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo is a town located in west of Flores island Indonesia. All Komodo trip should to begin with a boat from Labuan Bajo town. That is to say the only place to do Komodo tour.

Labuan Bajo is the center of tourism in our province. That is why our government to become Labuan Bajo as super premium destination. A lot of infrastructures are building to answer as a best Indonesia tourism now and future. Here a lot of option for accommodation, restaurants, souvenirs, pub, discotheques and more.

Flight for Komodo trip

This time Labuan Bajo is an international airport. For this reason why you so easy to connect the flights from and to Labuan Bajo town. But international flight is not connect directly yet. You need to stop in some cities before fly to and from Labuan Bajo town.

Flight connection is easy to get from same major cities in Indonesia with daily flight. Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Kupang and other places can connect easily now. But most of flight started from Bali island, Jakarta city and Surabaya on Java island. So that you only need to find Komodo tour packages for Komodo trip.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park

Boat or speed boat is the only transport to make Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo town. However boat is main tour component for all kind of Komodo travel. Because of you can’t go Komodo National Park without a boat.  All boat is serving only with private. There is not public transport to connect between Labuan Bajo, Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. So that you only take a boat for all kind of Komodo trip.

All boat trip serving with good standard facilities for visitors. You can do for daily or live aboard. For daily trip normally we prepare with deck boat or speed boat. Daily trip is go in the morning and back in the afternoon from and to Labuan Bajo town. That is Komodo daily trip. While live aboard is staying on the boat along the trip. Live aboard is using air condition with varieties of cabin or room. Boat you can take is to begin with simple until deluxe cabin.

What to see there

First thing to see is Komodo Dragons. If you want to see Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat, so it’s the place to go. It’s right place to reach. The only place where you see the world biggest reptile. See Komodo Dragon together with wild life, nature, birds and more. Those are you see o the island. While you see wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes you see on the see.

Just go with walking or trekking on the land to see Komodo Dragons, wild life and some kind of the birds. While go with diving or snorkeling you see wonder of corals and colorful of fishes on the sea. That is all you see on Komodo trip and so much more.

Travel or tour company of Komodo trip

We are first and oldest tour company for all kind of Komodo tours since 1996. To begin with personal arrangement until we set up our tour and travel company on 2012. All our great team for Komodo tour run with well experience both on the office or on the fielding.

Most of our service for Komodo trip is started from Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town. Our experience and licensed tour guide will go with you along the trip. We need your direct booking to our company, so that you get real cost and best service. Since 2014, we have own transport both on the sea and land.

Komodo Trip and so much more

For further information about Komodo trip, let we know now. We are here to help you. Whatever you want to do on Komodo National Park, we will help for your holidays. Choose our Komodo tour packages here then tell us. Or you just tell us what is your plan for Komodo trip, so we will arrange according to your plan.

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