Package Tours Flores Komodo

Package tours Flores Komodo
Package tours Flores Komodo
Package tours Flores Komodo

Package tours Flores Komodo is all kind of tours to the islands of Flores and Komodo National Park Indonesia. It’s to bring you to see two destination in a holidays. Look at our package tour here to know where to go, what to see and what is the activities along trip. We don’t put all the package tours here. It’s only regular package tours Flores Komodo we publish. You can ask for other tour packages if don’t meet what we have here.

Program of package tours Flores Komodo

All programs on our package tours Flores Komodo are designing according to the local conditions from time to time. You can ask our programs what we have on tour packages to change, shorter, longer or combined. If don’t find program as per your plan, and then ask for other package tours with new programs.

We also arrange special interest trip for travelers. It’s to bring travelers to see different way to do on touring. Eco tour Flores Komodo is our specialist since we set up our Travel Company. Need special arrangement and your experience.

Starting and ending point

All our programs here are starting from Maumere town, in the east part of Flores island. And then we make ending tour in Labuan Bajo town in the western part of Flores island. It’s according to local condition and our experience from time to time. But you can ask to start from west to east. That is start from Labuan Bajo town and then ending in Maumere town.

Why recommend to start from east of Flores island?

It’s because of make great combination. To begin with overland along Flores island and then doing with boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park. Most of our clients given us great recommend to begin with overland along Flores. After that make good relaxing with boat trip to Komodo National Park. Do snorkeling, trekking or hiking, beach relaxing and more before ending the trip in Labuan Bajo town.

Which tour components we serve for our clients

Our services of package tours Flores Komodo is accommodation, transport, boat, meals, tour guide and all entrance fee on the way. Whiles coffee, tea and mineral water are only serving during on the boat trip. When you are on the land or stay at hotel we don’t prepare those tour components.

Other tour components that is mentioned above not become our services. You can ask to cut a part of tour components. Some extra charge on the way that is not part of our services not become our responsible. Your own arrangements are flight, donation, laundry, soft and alcoholic drinking, tipping and other personal expenses.

You will get detail information about tour components when your request to our package tour Flores Komodo. It’s important thing we have to send you together with complete program.

Package tours Flores Komodo

If you are interesting with our package tours Flores Komodo, let we know. Please kindly to send us an email. Don’t hesitate to contact our team. Whatever you want to do in Flores island and Komodo National Park, we of course to help you. Because that is our job. Tourism is our first and important business in Indonesia.

As long as you don’t find the program as per your plan, just ask to our team. We can arrange new program on a tour package. Now we wait your news. Hope our services are coming to you on holidays.