Package Komodo Tours

Package Komodo tours
Package Komodo tours
Package Komodo tours

Package Komodo tours are our first serving of Indonesia holidays for all kind of tour to the islands of Komodo national park. We serve both daily trip and live aboard started from Labuanbajo town, in the west part of Flores island.

Daily trip Komodo is suitable for visitors who don’t like to stay on the boat, so that hotel become your accommodation in the town of Labuan Bajo. You will go in the morning and back in the afternoon from and to Labuan Bajo town. To do daily trip to the islands of Komodo national park is using deck boat or speed boat. Deck boat or speed boat has not a cabin or room because of used only for daily trip.

While, live aboard is a tour package where you will stay on the boat one or more nights. It is depending on how many days you will do a trip. We have several option of tour packages here to choose. Our boat is equipped by cabin or room with air conditioned. You only choose classes of the boat. Most of our boat trip to Komodo Natioal Park have two classes. First is AC cabin boat with share bathroom or toilet. The second is AC cabin boat with private bathroom or toilet.

All package Komodo tours starting from Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. Labuanbajo town is the only place for travelers to begin Komodo tour. Except you do through inter island cruises from other regions then perhaps you are not started from Flores island.

Our service of package Komodo tours

Our service for package Komodo tours are; land transport, boat, meals, hotel, tour guide, all entrance fee, mineral water or coffee on the boat but not on the hotel. Those all tour components are preparing on our services. While, flight tickets, personal expanses, soft or alcoholic drinking, laundry, tipping and other costs are not become our services.

Most of our services started from Komodo airport of Labuanbajo town. Then we go according the program on agreement. The ending also to transfer to Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town. We arrange package Komodo tours for individual, small, medium or large group. Our local experience will support everything for travelers.

The islands to visit on Package Komodo tours

There are more than thirty islands are covering in the Komodo national park. The main islands to visit are the island of Komodo, Rinca, Padar, Gili Lawa, Nusa Kode and other islands. Most of the islands are covering by virgin nature, wonder of corals and colorful of fishes. As long as you longer time on holidays, so that you can visit more islands in a trip.

The most popular islands are Rinca and Komodo island. Those islands where Komodo Dragons and wildlife are living on their natural habitat. Komodo Dragons are also living on the island of Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and several part on the Flores island.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park

Boat or speed boat is the only transport to be used for Komodo tour both daily or live aboard. All transport to the islands of Komodo national park are using private. There is not service with public transport.

Classes of the boat are depending on support facilities on a boat. Usually we show you on each tour package that we are offer upon your request. In general we have two classes for a live aboard. That is AC cabin boat with share bathroom and private bathroom. It’s not depending on the size but what kind of facilities on a boat.

The size of the boat we use will be adjusted to number of tourists who want to travel to Komodo National Park. Noted that deck boat or speed boat is using only for daily tour to Komodo. The size of deck boat also adjusted to number of travelers that going to visit.

What to see and the activities

However to do Komodo tour, of course to see the Komodo Dragons on Komodo and Rinca island. That is first goal on tour to Komodo National Park. While, on the same time you will see wildlife, corals, fishes, beaches and some kind of birds.

To see the Komodo Dragons, wildlife and birds need to walk, trekking or hiking on the island. And then to see the wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes needed to do snorkeling or diving. Those activities are doing together on once trip to Komodo.

Special trekking and to do different places to go visit become a special interest on our offer. For special interest, we arrange on Komodo Eco tour packages. Kindly please to tell us as long as you want to do Eco tours to Komodo National Park.

Tell us your plan to Komodo National Park

Whatever your plan to do trip to Komodo, then just tell our team through email. We offer all kind of activities on our region. We arrange regular tour packages, diving, photographer, honeymooner, film and so much more. Perhaps you want to see the Komodo Dragons on different place or different islands, then we can help to arrange.

We are local tour operator bases in the town of Labuan Bajo, in the west part of Flores island. We know everything what we can do for travelers here. As long as you don’t find on package Komodo tours as per your plan, find our team now. You will have a lot of chance to do with our travel Company. We are here to help you whatever your plan for all kind of Komodo tours. Trust local tour Company, then you get everything on your plan.

Package Komodo tours

As long as you are interesting with package tours Komodo here, please send an email to our team. Check first our option of the tour packages. We have published several package tours Komodo here, so you can choose. But if you don’t find according to your plan, so tell us. So that we can make a new program on the tour package.

The program on package tours Komodo here is designed according to local conditions. And also the program conditioned the duration of visiting. Most of the tour package here, are used to regular by travelers so far. However the program can be changed, shorter, longer or cut as long as you want.

Finally, we wait your news to do tour to Komodo National park. Hope our offer meet with your plans. If not meet your plans, then tell us by an email.