Komodo Flores Indonesia

Komodo Flores Indonesia is a world tour destination for this time. Here is one of most favorite place to visit by travelers from around the world. Located on east of Bali island, it’s part of East Nusa Tenggara province. Flores Komodo more well known than other part of East Nusa Tenggara province. It’s because of tourism sector become a main sector. Through tourism sector, Flores Komodo is promoting to other part of the world.

So far, a lot of travelers visit Flores Komodo from year to year. It is a lot of interesting object to visit. Kelimutu lake is one of world wonder nature in the central of Flores island. While Komodo Dragon is the world reptile only living on Komodo National Park.

How to get Flores Komodo Indonesia

To get Komodo Flores is easy for this time. There are so many airport along Flores island. The major airport is located in Labuan Bajo and Maumere town. Labuan Bajo town is an international airport in the west Flores. Can connect from some major cites in Indonesia. While Maumere town located in the east part of Flores island. If you want to visit both Flores and Komodo, so we recommend start from east part.

Ende town in the middle of Flores island become an alternative airport. Other airports are using for inter island in our province. Ferry boat also is good connection from Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores island. But it’s need time to cross from one to another island. Pelni boat is connecting to some harbor along Flores island. For further information to visit Flores Komodo Indonesia just contact us.

Accommodation, meals, boat trip and land transport

Accommodation is available along Flores island. But star hotels are only find in Labuan Bajo town, in west of Flores island. From west to the east most of hotels are not star but stay in standard facilities. Hotels are most located on capital of regency and some tourist destination.

Meals are well serving menus. To begin with Indonesian, European and Chinese food. Easy to find all over the island. Usually we put meals on our tour packages.

Boat is main transport on Komodo Flores Indonesia. Because of there are so many small island to visit on holidays. Especially on tours to Komodo National Park, Riung 17 islands, Maumere bay and east Flores.

Land transport is available every regency along Flores island. Air condition cars are available both private and public transport. This time cars can connect to the rural area.

Most of tour components above we put together on our Flores Komodo tour packages. It makes you easy to do in holidays. Make your holidays to Flores Komodo Indonesia not complicate to arrange each tour component.

How to make tour on Flores Komodo Indonesia

As long as you don’t want to loss time, just contact your tour company. Or you can contact us as local tour company of Flores island. That is our reason we are here. Your direct contact will get standard cost with best services. You can do only Komodo tour or together with Flores island in once holidays.

We publish our tour packages here. You can choose which one is prefer. If don’t find according to your plan, then ask to our team. We can arrange according to your plan. Our team will respond well your questions.

Komodo National Park

Best tourist destination because of Komodo Dragons. Covering more than hundred islands with wonderful nature. Great corals and colorful of fishes can find every snorkeling spot. White sandy beaches can find many small island. Pink beach is a wonderful place for snorkeling.

More than hundred islands are covering the area of Komodo national park. Those islands are going to visit by travelers. Most of the islands are virgin nature make uniquely to see. Largest island is Komodo following by Rinca, Padar and Gili Lawa. It’s easy to reach by boat from one to another islands.

Tour Komodo National Park is a world tour destination. It is because of the world largest reptile living on some islands there. However Komodo Dragons are cannibal. They are dangerous cannibal because can eat each other sometime. Buffaloes, deer, wild board and other wild life are main food for Komodo Dragons. We prepare daily tour to the islands of Komodo national park. It’s to bring you to see Dragon of Komodo, wild life, corals, fishes, beaches and so much more.

Activities on Flores Komodo Indonesia

Along do a land tour you will drive with overland with step by step from one to another regencies. Some places you need to do short trek to get tourist objects. Trekking or hiking not only do in Flores island but also on the islands of Komodo national park. To see Komodo Dragons, wild life and birds you need to do trek or hiking.

The great activities are snorkeling and diving on the islands of Komodo national park. Here is the world diving spot. Just do snorkeling you will find how wonder of corals and fishes. Snorkeling is always including in our Komodo tour packages. While diving we arrange on special tour packages. But you can ask to do together with our regular tour packages. Then need to change the date, programs and itineraries.

Flores Komodo Indonesia

As long as you need to get more information about Komodo Flores Indonesia, let we know. For this reason why we are here. We help you to organize whatever you want to do both on Flores island and Komodo National Park. We are local Tour Company. A leading Flores tour operator since 1996.

Come and join our services. Our team are ready to serve you. Just send an email and you get detail information. As local tour operator based in Labuan Bajo town, we focused to arrange Komodo tours or Flores Komodo tour. All tour to Komodo National park to begin with a boat from Labuan Bajo town. That is to say Labuan Bajo Komodo tour.

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